ERP Software in Textile Industry

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an innovative concept in the contemporary world. All the evidence of an enterprise under one roof for supporting planning and implementing choices having complete visibility-that is the main object of ERP. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a computer application exactly designed for industrial and manufacturing things. It involves several parts that operate in collaboration with each other and look after the complete industry. For each department, ERP contains a faithful module. ERP is the computerization of the manufacturing industry from raw material to end product and all the techniques that are directly or indirectly involved in this procedure.

Nowadays, it has been proved that ERP is an obligation for any manufacturing industry, specifically, it can be mentioned with no doubt that ERP is necessary for the apparel and garments industry, as in this sector finished apparels are the outcome of many interlinked processes in the supply chain handled by different factory types and a good number of people are involved in this process. To meet on-time delivery dates of customer orders, entire supply chain management should be well-practised by the correspondents.

ERP is not only serving in the design (CAD) and manufacturing (CAM) method of the product but it also looks after the overall method of the textile industry. ERP deals with almost all the departments starting from procurement, distribution, production, human resource, accounting, corporate performance and governance, sales and customer services. It also covers the parts of business intelligence, enterprise properties management, e-commerce and other business-related plans.

When lots of info are moving in the air i.e. all info is tracked manually, then it is almost impossible to find out the exact situation of a customer order, then it is almost impossible to find out the particular situation of customer orders, which steps are the blockage, therefore often interval occurs in exact decision making due to lack of the visibility.

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ERP Software in Textiles

Benefits of ERP in Textile Industry

1- Easily Monitoring of an Industry:

A big number of textile and garments are coming into the process every year in India, and entrepreneurs are moving towards the growth of their business. Therefore, it is too hard for management to monitor closely since there are so various divisions-like for knit composite knitting, sewing, dyeing, all are maintained in the separate plant but coordinated manner; again there are so various departments merchandising, marketing, commercial, production, administrative-it is pretty difficult to maintain MIS (management information system through manual operations and it is yet time-consuming to make all reports manually for the administration.

2- Compiling Report within a Very Small Time

ERP enterprise resource planning can handle exclusive reports both daily and summary type to give operational visibility, and take a good second to find out any of reports from the system.

When the reports are collected manually(even through an excel sheet), it is often so tough to get the actual condition of order wise production technique, planned dates item obtainability in the warehouse etc. since a simultaneous date has arrived in the system on time enormous time will be saved and management will grow a faultless picture online of what is happening really in the production flood and again optimum account level can be maintained, therefore that allocation of money can participate in order parts of concern.

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3- No Chance for Data Manipulation

With the use of ERP, data operation can’t take place as approved users will use the system and there will be a log file keeping which person is dealing with what, so in that method, it would be easy to track. And as all the sectors are integrated under one crown, it should be an orchestrated procedure flow

4- Saving Time

Any information once entered into the system, need not be re-entered again. Among many ERP solution vendors, A & D Software is one of the leading ERP solution providers keeping in mind the necessities of the textile and apparel industry. A & D Software ERP solution now the network-oriented world has been dedicated only towards textile and apparel sector and has been able to build large customer.

5- Easy Access Anywhere from the World

It is a completely web-based solution so can be accessed anywhere in the world .crucial area that needs more attention by management.

6- Problems in Production Planning

With many rushed production orders, it is difficult for a planner to plan the tasks to carry out on the production floor considering both the resources (machinery and equipment, raw material) and limitations at hand.

Purposes of ERP Software in Textile Industry

andsoftware textile industry

1- Sales order entry: considering color size combinations, picking of finished goods, creation of preformed invoice, sales invoice, shipping document, packing list generation, handling letter of credit facilities.

2- Inventory: Accessibility of raw materials/work-in-progress/ finished goods per lot, batch-wise, container, order wise.

3- Procurement: Requisition, purchase order creation, approvals, receiving goods through receiving the document.

4- Production: Production steps with consumption breakdown, waste calculation, starting and end dates, and production progress tracking.

5- Costing: Pre-costing by merchandisers and concrete costing from raw materials in actuality utilized in the production floor.

6- Managing dyehouse: A lot of wastage comes from the dyeing industry which certainly increases the fabric price. ERP software facilitates dyehouse management. Providing chemical inventory, recipe creation, batch management system, daily production report with waste calculation, lab-management, actual cost calculation reprocess dyeing etc. in their familiar ERP system.

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