Our Garments Management software is an excellent solution to easily manage garments business. The software is GST ready which helps you easily generate invoices for customers.

It comes with features like Purchase, GST Reports, Sale, Inventory management, etc, all are possible at one-stop solutions.

In addition to this, you will also get useful analytic reports  to get better customers insights. The reports give you insights to help you easily check your performance and increase your revenue.

It can be the best solution for any size garment industry and from small size businesses to large size agencies.

Description of Software


  • Group of Account
    • (Basic group of accounts are provided in the software, User can create new groups under them up to any level.)
  • Area
  • Account Heads
  • Cost Center
  • Buyer Details
    • (Buyers complete information is maintained under this head. At the time of making export invoice, this information comes as default.)
  • Narration
    • (Here user can maintain a master of reusable narrations to be used in accounting entries.)
  • Cheque Printing Specifications
    • (Basic printing specifications are provided in the software which user can alter according to the design of the cheque provided by the banks.
  • Location
    • (Master of location of units is maintained here. Suppose in a company there are two manufacturing units situated at different places. User can extract information from the software location wise or all the location combined)
  • Group of Product
    • (Basic group of products are provided in the software, User can create new groups under them up to any level.)
  • Unit of Measurement
    • (Master of UOM is maintained under this head E.G. Dcm, Pair, SqDm etc.)
  • Master Class
    • (Master class of the product e.g. T-shirt, Top, Sports Wear, etc.)
  • Product (Raw Material/Finished Product)
  • Colour of Finished Product
  • Size of Finished Product
  • Carton Used in Packing of Finished Product
  • Group of Component
    • (Used in article profile e.g. Upper, Lining, Bottom etc.)
  • Component
    • (Used in article profile)
  • Group of Process (Job)
    • (e.g. Cutting, Lining, Closing, Packing etc.)
  • Process (Job)
    • (e.g. Cutting, Skiving, Zig-Zag, Eyeleting etc.)
  • Image
    • (Images of article, box label, and swing tag)
  • Main Material
    • (Main Material used in making the finished product)
  • Article Profile
    • (All the details of a particular style is maintained under this head e.g. Specifications, Material requirement, Labour detail process wise etc.)
  • Article Costing
    • (Costing is automatically generated from article profile)
    • Currency
    • Daily Exchange Rate of Different Currencies
    • Country
    • Destination
    • Port of Loading
    • Duty Drawback
    • EPCG Licence
    • ECGC
    • Process (Fabrication)
      • (To be used in outside job gatepasses)
    • Classification (Purchase/Sale)
      • (To be used at the time of purchase e.g. Purchase(up), purchase(ex.up) etc.)
    • Reason
      • (Reasons of excess issue e.g. Poor quality of clothes, cutting mistake etc.)


  • Purchase Challan
    • (Supplier’s Invoice or Challan)
  • Free Trade Sample
  • From Unit
    • (Goods received from another unit situated at different location)
  • On Loan
    • (Goods received to be returned latter on)
  • On Loan (Return)
    • (Goods received which has been given as loan to a party through gate pass)
  • Out Side Job

(Goods received which has been sent for job work through gate pass)

  • Credit Sale
    • (For local sale)
  • Export Sale
    • (Against export invoice)
  • Free Trade Sample
  • On Loan
    • (Goods issued on loan to a party)
  • On Loan (Return)
    • (Goods issued which has already been received through inward)
  • Out Side Job
    • (Goods sent for job work)
  • Purchase Return (After Bill)
    • (Goods returned after receiving the bill)
  • Purchase Return (Before Bill)
    • (Goods returned before receiving the bill but after receiving through inward)
  • To Unit
    • (Goods transferred to another unit located at a different place)
  • Inward (Not Invoiced)
    • (Shows the list of inward which has not been billed)
  • Outstanding Inwards
    • (Shows goods received on loan but has not been returned yet)
  • (Shows goods returned after bill against which debit note has not been raised)
  • (Shows gate pass of On Loan, To Unit and Out Side Job against which goods has not been received)


  • Purchase Extract
    • (Summary of material purchased during a period and can viewed and printed party wise, product wise, pur.a/c wise,group of product wise, master class wise and classification wise)
  • Purchase Register
    • (User Definable Purchase register for sales tax & income tax purpose etc.)
  • Open Order Purchase
    • (Shows list of outstanding purchase orders of raw materials)
  • Open Order Purchase Extract
    • (Summary of outstanding purchase extract which can viewed and printed party wise, product wise, pur.a/c wise,group of product wise, master class wise and classification wise)
  • Purchase Order Execution Performance
    • (Detailed and Summary list of performance of supplier against delivery date)
  • Material Ordered Against Export Order
    • (Shows a detail list of purchase orders raised against export orders)

GST Reports

  • (GSTR-1,GSTR-2, GSTR – ITC-04)


  • (User can also print the export order and material required for the particular order)
  • (User only feed the articles to be dispatched, from this automatic packing list is created by the software)
  • (After preparing packing list from dispatch sheet, Export Invoice, Packing Slip, Box Label, GSP & Adv.Lic.Anx.

can be printed automatically)

  • (Bank documents are generated E.G. Covering, Bill of Exchange etc.)
  • Advance License Entry
  • Bill of Entry
  • Export Against Advance License
  • Import Against Advance License
  • Outstanding Export Order
  • Open Order Summary
  • Open Order Sale Extract
  • Order Received/Executed
  • Outstanding Duty Drawback
  • Outstanding Commission
  • Outstanding Export Invoices
  • Payment Reminder
  • Buyer Ledger(in foreign currency)
  • Invoice Sent For Custom Clearance
  • Bank Certificate of Export & Realization
  • Ecgc Declaration Form
  • Export Register
  • Export (Ddb-Wise)
  • Export Invoice Realization
    • (Shows export realized during a Financial Year)
  • Sale Summary
  • Sale Extract
    • (Summary of products exported during a period and can viewed and printed party wise, product wise, group of product wise, master class wise, colour wise, size wise and leather wise)
  • Sale Extract (Profit)
    • (Shows the Profit/Loss in a particular export invoice with details of materials consumed and labour paid)
  • Sale Order Execution Performance
    • (Also shows the amount of freight paid for sending the late shipment by air which is to be send by sea)
  • Sale Comparison (Last Year)
    • (Shows month-wise comparison of export sale with last year can be printed party wise, product wise, group of product wise, master class wise and leather wise)
  • Forward Contract Register
    • (Shows detail of foreign currency deposited against forward contract with the bank)
  • Advance Received Register

(Shows detail of advance adjustment against advance received)


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  • (Work given to a particular worker against a particular job)
  • (Raw material is issued here against the token issued to the worker)
  • (This document is made to adjust the stock e.g. Loss in Storage, Transfer from Meter to Sq.Meter etc.)
  • Day Book
    • (Shows all the transactions of stock movement)
  • Daily/Monthly Stock Movement
  • Product Ledger
  • Stock Status
  • Stock Status (Age-Wise)
    • Job Card
    • (Shows the complete detail of material consumed and labour paid and thus calculate the cost incurred in making the finished product)
  • Material Required For Production (M.R.P.) Order
    • (Shows the material required for producing the pending orders taking into account the stock position, pending purchase orders and outstanding outside job work gatepasses also breaks the requirement age-wise)
  • Material Required For Production (M.R.P.) Job
  • Job Costing
  • Balance/Excess Issue in Job
    • (Shows the balance or excess quantity in a particular job)
  • Raw Material Movement
  • Consumption Summary
  • Consumption Summary Register (Machine)
  • Production Cost


  • (Details of sample and material to be used in making the sample are entered here)
  • (By this document materials are issued to the sample department by the store keeper)
  • (Samples are dispatched to the buyers through the sample invoice)
  • (Report showing how many samples have been accepted, rejected with reason or no response during a period)


  • (Shows a list of internal orders which are not taken into production)
  • (Datewise-> showing detail of work done daily at different stages
    • Monthly-> showing detail of work done monthly at different stages)
  • (Shows the detail of work completed at different production stages in the jobs)
  • (Shows the summary of work done at different production stages. Report can be viewed party-wise, Style-wise, Order-wise, Job-wise etc.)
  • (Shows the quantity of semi-finished products lying at different production stages)


  • (From production tickets workers wages for a period are automatically prepared)
  • (Any advance given to worker or money received back from worker is entered here)
  • Wages Sheet
    • (Wage sheet can be printed worker-wise, job-wise, article-wise and process-wise)
  • Wages Summary
    • (Month-wise breakup of wages paid to the worker and can be viewed process-wise, worker-wise etc.)
  • Worker’s Advance Ledger
  • Worker’s Advance Status


  • Voucher
  • Cheque
  • Payment Advice
  • Debit Note
  • Credit Note
  • Day Book
    • (Shows all the accounting transactions during a period)
  • Cash Book
  • Account Ledger
  • Purchase Register
  • Sale Register
  • Account Statements
  • Bank Statement
  • Bill-Wise Breakup of Outstanding
  • Daily/Monthly Movement of Accounts
  • Cheque Issue Register
  • Un-cleared Cheques
  • Account Flow
  • Cash Flow
  • Account Summary (Monthly)
    • (Shows month-wise breakup of Income, Expenditure, Purchase and Sale and also compare this with last year)
  • Balance Confirmation Statement
  • Cost Center Status

Interest Calculation

  • Final Outstanding
  • Final Outstanding (Month-Wise)

(Month wise breakup of the final outstanding)

  • Final Outstanding
  • Final Outstanding (Month-Wise)
    • (Month wise breakup of the final outstanding)
  • Final Outstanding (Age-Wise)

(Age-wise breakup of the final outstanding)

  • Trial Balance
  • Profit & Loss
  • Balance Sheet


  • (e.g. Contractors or Sub contractors u/s 194c, Professional or technical services u/s 194j etc.)

(Monthly challan deposited in the bank)

  • (Tds certificate of parties is automatically generated taking into all the accounting entries during the specified period)
  • (Shows the summary of tds deducted Party-wise, Tds a/c wise, Tds Type-wise)

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